SuperValu wants to be seen as the retailer that knows it's customers.
“Inspiring people to cook with good affordable Irish food” is the primary aim of SuperValu's latest initiative, in the words of marketing director Ray Kelly.  Promoting the idea of SuperValu as a destination for “wholesome, natural” ingredients is a key objective.  Therefore, the solution needed to reach out to all types of households, with everyday food solutions.


SuperValu's 'Good Food Karma' is all about the great moments that good food can create.
The campaign features a series of households – real ones – enjoying their food. Designed to convey the idea that SuperValu food can help them “create great moments”, the campaign also nods towards the more modern meaning of sharing food – taking smartphone pictures of it and posting it on Instagram and other social media.

We saw the role of the digital and social channels to be enablers to help people create their own moments. So we created a dynamic hub on supervalu.ie where people could exchange their food ideas, tips and recipes - engage interact and learn form each other. 

To communicate the dynamic of the hub and the 'Good Food Karma' initiative we developed a takeover for independent.ie and dailymail.com home pages that invited viewers to play pot luck. The webpage collapsed as a red pot sided into the centre of their screen. Each time they clicked the pot they were 'served' a different clip from the range of content we created for the interactive ideas wall on the hub.

An effective communicator of the principal of the 'Good Food Karma' project, the banner whetted the appetite (literally!) encouraging the viewer to click though, learn more and get immersed in the SuperValu brand experience. Visit the 'Good Food Karma' hub here.


Immediate differentiation as SuperValu grew to become Ireland's largest retailer.
The traffic to the website doubled within the first month of campaign launch as consumers were attracted by the rich content. The video posts featuring real family recipes were very popular on social channels as customer sought out food inspiration.