Promote Avonmore Protein Milk as the drink of choice for fitness enthusiasts who want to train smarter

Developed in partnership with the GAA, Avonmore Protein Milk is a new way for people interested in sport, or in keeping fit, to get more protein into their diet as part of their everyday routine.


Be ready with Avonmore Protein Milk - your training partner.

Training and preparation are core to a brilliant performance on the pitch. Building on the insight that those who take the game seriously, take their preparation just as seriously, an exchange hub for training was developed on proteinmilk.ie. With playlists created by top sports men and women and the best training techniques curated from videos form the web, the hub became a repository of the best way to be prepared for your next challenge. 

Categorised by sports, created and curated content covered the essential ways you needed to prepare. Users can create personal playlists to create a bespoke training session for their goals. 

Tapping into team into inherent sports rivalry, and to encourage sharing, users could challenge their friends too, and if they thought they were up to it.

Avonmore Protein Milk’s relationship with the GPA was used to create ambassador profiles with further tips on training and nutrition for GAA clubs and players.
Visit the Training hub.


Avonmore Protein Milk was an instant hit with the target market.

The training hub received a particularly positive response, as it espoused the central values of the product: a percentage of all sales  go towards the GPA Player Development Programme offering support and assistance to county players in their off-field lives in areas such as personal development, health, wellbeing and their careers.