Bord Gáis Energy wanted their sponsorship to be celebrated.
Their involvement with the Student Theatre Awards recognises all who bring each production to the stage. To raise the profile as sponsors and increase participation in the awards, the client briefed that they sought a solution that explained the diversity of the categories yet connected with students, teachers and schools across a variety of channels.


Student theatre is as much about the buzz backstage as the excitement of the spotlight.
Capturing this energy with a walk though from stage door to centre stage, this interactive video sequence celebrated all players who make student theatre so special. 

The viewer journey's through the backstage experience, witnessing the various disciplines preparing for the show.

They step from the writer at the stage door reviewing their script, to the chorus practising their scales and the set designers busily putting finishing touches to their creations, to the costume designers making last minute alterations before moving towards the curtain and the performance. With each scene a 'hotspot' button allows the audience read about each specific award along with a encouraging tit-bit about others who have succeeded in each discipline. 

The sequence was edited to short 10 second sequences to highlight individual awards and to be shared as promoted videos on twitter, instagram and snapchat. 


Results that were applauded.
The campaign improved awareness of the sponsorship, with discernibly more 'noise' in social media about the awards on the run up to the closing date. This also resulted in an increased number of entrants in 2015.