Appleby sought to grow their share of the competitive jewellery market with a focus on increasing online transactions at Christmas. 

As with most retailers, the loin share of business occurs in the last quarter on the lead up the annual Christmas shopping frenzy. Appleby sought to raised their brand profile, display their product range in an enticing manner and achieve a measurable increase in sales for the period. 


With a coordinated multi-channel campaign, the alluring Appleby product selection was presented with the aspirational theme of 'Make someone's wish come true'.

The Christmas campaign launched in November 2015, as consideration increased for festive purchases. The key objective was to put Appleby's product range front to of mind, with an emphasis on quality and choice: a gift for every budget that is guaranteed to delight.


With the objective of introducing the breadth of the Appleby product offering, a series of display banners were designed that each displayed two different items with a evocative line that suggested the joy each piece will bring as the perfect gift. I worked in conjunction with the media agency to achieve a mix of placements for the suite of formats that would maximise impact. 



This theme of gifting with something truly special was carried through to radio ads that ran in conjunction with the digital campaign on national and local stations. Two complimentary 30 second ads heard the female and male perspective of the joy of giving or receiving a piece of Appleby jewellery, and making your wish come true.


A gallery series of posters in prominent railway stations equally showed the range of Appleby products. 12 individual 6-sheet posters were displayed in sequential order, each showing a different product with a evocative line, such as "It's possible she may now love you even more" or "Every time time she wears it she'll be thinking of you".


To lure traffic to appleby.ie, plus to replenish the eCRM database, we developed a Christmas competition. 'Christmas Wish' invited visitors to shake a snow globe to reveal the daily featured ring. A HTML build, the shaking snow globe functioned on any device – considering a large proportion of site traffic is from mobile devices, this was important to ensure all visitors could enter with ease. Each day a different ring was featured, again to communicate the Appleby product range. Entrants could increase their chances of winning the overall prize of a €5,000 diamond or weekly price of €100 vouchers by sharing the competition on social networks.


A revitalised database of subscribers from the competition enabled Appleby to speak to consumers with a targeted CRM mailings. Black Friday email had particularly impressive results achieving a 40.8% open rate, over twice the industry average. Concise, to the point and focussing on key gifting suggestions the click through rate was equally impressive with 12% visiting product pages directly (the industry average for retail is just 1.9%). Significantly, the conversion rate to direct sales was impressive, measuring at 1.27%. 



The core metric of online sales showed a leap of 240% year on year on online orders as a result of the campaign.  

Site visits tripled, with views on product pages in particular receiving significant boosts. Competition entrants who subscribed to further communications exceeded 58%, building a robust new database to communicate with in the following year.